My first post…

12 Aug

Hi blogger community. My name is Maria Antonia (or Toni for short).  I didn’t post any comment yet mainly because I am shy when comes to writing in english. But the main point here is to communicate, right?. My friend Sarah and I have decided that even with very little time on hand we should start this blogging experience because there are many things to share and to learn.

I tried to post some time ago about an idea on how not to  lose baby socks.  This has happened to me thousands of times before. I think it was in April!!!!! What a failure!!!! I didn’t  post anything. Well, now I will deliver this message.

It is quite easy to put together. Everyone with little ones has many plastic hangers for baby’s  pants with two metallic clips… recycle them, and clip a mesh bag for lingerie that you can buy at the dollar store.  Hang it in the laundry room and there you go. Put it in the washer and dryer, clean the dirty little sockies and use it again.

I didn’t mention this before, but I am Spanish and from Madrid and I want to keep the blog bilingual….. I need time to translate the posts,  anyway…

I want for my baby to be truly bilingual, because in my case I learned english when I came here ( I studied french, thank you very much!!!). Now you understand why I am a little reluctant when comes to writing.  Therefore I am talking to her in Spanish and the rest of her world is doing it in english!!!. Holy moly what a confused baby, she is probably thinking that there is something wrong with her mommy.

I want to explore what is out there about bilingual learning in kids. This will be my next post.

Not much more for now. If there is any blogger kind enough to stop by and check our blog with experience in this matter, please drop some comments.

Thank you, world.


One Response to “My first post…”

  1. Sally August 21, 2010 at 4:32 am #

    As his grandmother, I experienced the same emotions as you did after his diagnosis. Like you, I could look past it, but I wondered about what other people were thinking and not saying, and what would happen as he grew older. But I think his laser treatments have worked better than I ever thought! It is just a very slow process and parents (and grandparents) have to be patient. I would encourage any parent whose child has this to definitely talk to a professional about the laser treatments. Mr. H is going to be just fine!!

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